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Well it is season 30 on ESEA and our new roster has been preparing for almost 2 weeks now. Unfortunately we had very very limited time to prepare for the season due to the holidays with Christmas and New Years around the corner we took a month long player break since we have been grinding since 2 months before season 29 has started so we (Deka, Barret, And myself) were really burned out and so were our new additions to the team (Lightning, and Remix) they also just finished their respective season and also wanted some sort of a break.

However once the break ended we started hitting practice like no other. With multiple 11 hour practices and most of the times practices running into the AM`s made us to feel like a family without us even knowing it. we at times just get up in the morning and start practice right away, some days we spent over 15 hours practicing either if its scrims, aim training, or demo reviewing, the chemistry in and outside of the game grew and is still growing as we continue to practice.

But with new rosters also come problems and with problems you need time to fix them, but unfortunately time is scarce and we don’t have that much time to fully prepare and be comfortable with all maps or even most of the maps in the competitive map pool. Which is kind of stressful since we don’t want to disappoint our new organization and our fans, so bare with us here we are really trying our best to work our problems inside of the game out.

That being said, we have taken long strides into improving and being able to be comfortable with each others playstyle and also fixing the minor mistakes. We assure you as a team we promise that we will give it our full effort regardless if we feel like we are 100% prepared or not. The boys that you have (Therealbarret, Deka, Lightning, and Remix) have shown tremendous dedication and effort into improving not only individually but also as teammates to one another and I couldn’t ask for any other 4 teammates to have with me throughout this ride which is season 30. Our goals for this season is to make playoffs and make Main. But I wouldn’t sleep on us making it all the way to Advanced for the next season!

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