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Battle for Azeroth marks a significant moment in Pixel Frenzy’s epic tale. We’re coming from the first raiding tier where we really pushed mythic progression. So much so that we were able to achieve something that many raiders were unable to grasp prior to the end of Legion – Titanslayer.

With that momentum, we stepped into Zandalar with a very robust and talented raiding roster. We’ve completed world quest after world quest, dungeon after dungeon, honing our skills along the way in preparation for our face off with a truly malevolent being – G’huun!

Uldir is the first raid of World of Warcraft’s newest expansion Battle for Azeroth. Coming out of Legion I was a Rogue main, and going into BFA I switched to Balance Druid. Uldir being the first raid has opened my eyes to the differences between melee and ranged DPS. It’s really exciting to learn all the different intricacies with balance druid and how to truly optimize my damage output.
Going into Uldir there are a slew of interesting ability combinations from the bosses that really keep you on your toes. While they are fun to play around, having been a melee DPS I can see the benefits and disadvantages clearly. For example, the Mother fight is really beneficial for melee because they can continuously hit boss while winds are up whereas ranged can’t cast because they will die.
Outside of the transition from melee to ranged I’m really looking forward to progressing Mythic with by far the best guild I’ve been in, Pixel Frenzy. Working through it as the solid team we are is the most fun I could have in this game. They have truly become a family to me, and I hope to continue being apart of this family.



I would first like to point out how beautiful the entire expansion of Battle For Azeroth is. The Uldir raid is designed just to match.
You have a lot of exciting mechanics to deal with which I feel is a good change from last expansion in legion. All of the bosses in Uldir are very well designed and give you that sense of nostalgia when fighting mythrax and g’huun.
The Old God feel when entering the dungeons entrance mixed with that Zandalar Aztec design is 10/10 in my opinion. Also, these bosses are no pushovers!

Having that mixture feels really good and blends well with the changes Blizzard has made to our classes. Even in normal there are quite a few overlapping mechanics you have to deal with while maintaining that great DPS output.
Playing as a frost mage it is challenging as well as rewarding when you have to plan your DPS rotation because of the GCD change as well as dodging and soaking 1 shot mechanics!
I know they have always had this in previous expansions but, I feel that the bosses in Uldir are made to be even harder when you hit the mythic level. All in all, Uldir is fun and exciting and I cannot wait till we get Cutting Edge!


The following is the Mythic Uldir Roster:

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