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Overwatch Open Division Season 3 weekend 1 was our first tournament under our new organization/name: Empire Gaming. Our team – SALLAD LEUF, performed well in Season 2 with an 8-2 match record (26-10 map record) and finished 30th on the season ending leaderboards. We strive to do better this season and now have a community behind us that can inspire us to succeed.
Our journey started on 18 August against Spectrum Overwatch with a very fortunate match-up for us. One of the known problems with the seeding in week 1 of Open Division is that it is completely random – not skill based. Spectrum Overwatch is made up of mostly Platinum rated players compared to our Grandmaster rated players. It’s no surprise that Empire Gaming took a swift and stress-free 3-0 victory over Spectrum Overwatch.
The following day was our true test. We would be playing against another team similar to us in skill rating. Empire Gaming would face a quite confident WildHeart eSports. Since WildHeart was the designated lobby host, they picked the first map: the Control map, Lijiang Tower. The first round would take us to Night Market, where we had a slow start. WildHeart gained control of the objective after a convincing team fight victory. The following team fights went back and forth for the next minute with staggered contests coming in from both teams. WildHeart had gained 85% of the control point by the time we finally cleared them off. WildHeart tried numerous times to crack our point defense but ultimately failed and Empire Gaming took the first stage of Lijiang Tower with a 100%-85% capture.
The next stage of Lijiang was Garden where Empire Gaming looked dominant against WildHeart with some very impact full uses of ultimates from Garharu, ceziun, and Edward. Empire Gaming took a very convincing 100%-0% capture to win Lijiang Tower which gave us a quick 1-0 lead over WildHeart.
Since WildHeart lost the first map, they got to pick the next map – the Escort map Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Empire Gaming attacked first and took point immediately. However, we struggled a bit on point B only to eventually capture it with an aggressive D.VA Self-Destruct from ceziun that took out Brenno and SirKnee on the side of WildHeart. Empire Gaming carried this momentum through point C with an eventual overtime point capture. All Empire Gaming had left was to prevent WildHeart from capturing all 3 objectives leading to a match point off with WildHeart’s map pick. Empire Gaming had a brilliant defense and capitalized on a lot of mistakes as WildHeart tried to hastily capture the first point. Empire Gaming held WildHeart eSports moving to match point with a 2-0 score.
The map choice was again WildHeart’s since they lost the second map. They picked the Assault map Temple of Anubis feeling confident with the work they had put into it the past couple days. However, Empire Gaming had a lightning fast attack capturing both points with 6 minutes and 9 seconds remaining. WildHeart tried to answer back with a quick point A capture but couldn’t crack our defense on point B. Empire Gaming took a very convincing 3-0 victory over WildHeart eSports putting us at a 2-0 match record overall.

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