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Our team captain Atokad led Vitali and myself on quite the adventure in the first qualifier round. After waiting for an hour and a half after the official matches have started, we finally played our first match at 4:30PM. We swept the first team 2-0 and moved on to the next team in the bracket. Again at 5:00PM, another sweep from RL Blue. I began streaming a bit earlier and we started to get a few viewers cheering us on from the Empire community.
Empire Blue was in the upper quarter-finals and this time the games were a bit more difficult. We were playing at a level we never played at before, and given that this was the first time ever that the 3 of us were playing together, we thought that the chemistry we had was astonishing for such little play time with one another. 2-1 win against the opponents in the Quarter Finals meant we were on our way into the Semi’s. It was getting late, about 6:30PM and we weren’t quitting yet. Our toughest opponents yet, a combination of Grand Champions and Champ 3’s put up a ridiculously good fight, and we lost in Game 3. This dropped us to the Lower Bracket Quarter’s. With determination and persistence the next few hours of our lives would be some of the most intense Rocket League games we have ever played. After not one, but 2 sweeps back to back in the Quarter’s and Semi’s, we were faced against the team that was the barrier between us and making the play-ins for the Top 128 teams. It was 7:30, and we were in the Lower bracket Finals. Game 1 was intense, and went into overtime after a 1 – 1 scoreline. Vitali was able to sneak in a shot right past the goalie to win Game 1. Game 2 was just as difficult, and due to my Rocket League freezing for the first 15 seconds of the game, we were scored on from a kickoff goal. The game also was extremely close, this time the opponents taking the victory 3 – 2. By this point, my Twitch stream had exploded in popularity and we have over 80 viewers cheering us on in the chat for our final game.
Game 3 was the most intense game I have ever played during my Rocket League career. Shot after shot, save after save, post after post, we just could not find the net. Once again we found ourselves in overtime, where the next goal would determine who is dropped and who moves on to the play-ins. Unfortunately the opponents scored a beautiful double touch goal over our heads and we couldn’t react quickly enough. We were inches away from victory, and to know how close we were to our goal only made us want it more, which is why we have been practicing day in and day out for our 2nd day of qualifiers on August 25th. We are ready to take the team to the next level and open new doors to our Rocket League careers. We may have lost the battle but our hope will never be extinguished.

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