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Twitch ANZ Grassroots By Ad Nauseam

POSTED BY EMPIRE JayQ July 22, 2018

So it’s been almost a week since I was on the Twitch ANZ front page and I still find it hard to fall asleep at night. You might attribute it to my insomnia but in reality I am just still super hyped after a dream two weeks. Let’s rewind first. Mid May I was picked to be part of the Twitch ANZ Grassroots program. This was a dream come true for me. The program helps affiliate streamers in Australia and New Zealand (my home) grow their channel and exposes them to new audiences.


Before I knew it my time had come and in order to maximise this opportunity I had taken the two weeks off work so that I could try and stream full time. Not only did I want to utilise this occasion to grow but also to test whether or not I could sustain and enjoy it as a full time gig. I ended up playing more than my regular Gwent too. Mixing in Life is Strange, Burnout: Paradise, Moonlighter and Slay the Spire.


It was an incredible experience. I was certainly too ambitious with my schedule and needed a few more days off than scheduled (at one stage I completely lost my voice). However I still managed 90 hours across 14 days, which I was very pleased with. I met some incredible people too. So many new faces in chat, the community and the industry that I got to hang out with. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity and so blessed to be a part of the communities I call home on Twitch. Time to continue on that grind to success.


Sean aka AdNauseam

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