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Streaming for EMPIRE by GeekBeek

POSTED BY EMPIRE JayQ July 15, 2018

As a streamer for EMPIRE, I finally felt a sense of community in the Twitch world. EMPIRE accepted me and immediately made me feel welcome as both a person and a streamer. Not only does EMPIRE help me grow, but we help each other grow as a team and a community.

Loyalty is the trait I take the most pride in, and I constantly feel that sense of loyalty given back from the team. EMPIRE is definitely one of the friendliest organizations and communities out there. Striving to be the best every single day, EMPIRE Gaming does their best to grow and improve as much as possible.

My name is Jordan Van Beek, but people know me as GeekBeek, you could also call me Beek. I am a huge basketball and hip hop fan, as well as a huge gaming geek. You can find me at or on Twitter at

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