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Miles & Kilo | Game Review by JustJoshing

POSTED BY EMPIRE JayQ July 14, 2018

Do you like retro graphics and wonderful music that takes you back to your childhood? Now what if I told you they mixed that with something that will make you want to tear your hair out and throw your controller further than Uncle Rico could? Well you are in for a treat because Miles and Kilo is just that in my eyes.

This game gave me so many emotions during my time with it recently and in the end it was all worth it. Yes the game is a tough as nails retro styled platformer, but the story and writing in the game adds so much more to what other developers may see as good enough. Michael Burns, the developer of Miles and Kilo, has put some much love into this game. The controls are tight and simple, but getting the movement of Miles down is an art. I can’t leave out the wonderful soundtrack from composer Chris Kukla either.

Once Kilo comes into play, all the rules are broken. You don’t control this crazy pup and that brings a level of realism to the game. Who hasn’t tried to take their dog for a walk and it wants to run like crazy at an unexpecting furry friend in the distance. The “dash into an enemy” technique uses the same controls you are used to, just another way of adding a fresh twist to the industry standard. So it’s up to you now to help Miles and his perky pup Kilo find the pieces to their plane and get off this island.

My name is Joshua Ryan, aka JustJoshing from EMPIRE Gaming. I am a variety streamer and always down for a new adventure and a fresh take on what we love and grew up playing. You can find me streaming on Twitch at and on Twitter at

Check out the game play video review here!

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